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The New Ways Premier League Clubs Can Leverage LiDAR Tech

With the English Premier League season underway, 20 member clubs can only hope that all their personnel moves, offseason training and summer strategy sessions will have paved the way to a favorable position in the EPL table in May. And just as players and coaches continue to build on their knowledge and skills while adjusting to unpredictable and ever-changing circumstances throughout the season, the rest of a club’s personnel are assessing, reevaluating and reacting to the twists and turns of nine grueling months in the world's most competitive football league.

Given the difficulty of the task, as well as the stakes, EPL clubs must consider any and all available tools to capitalize on even incremental advantages. Equipped with leading-edge technology such as Sportlight’s LiDAR-based and AI-enhanced player tracking system, a sports organization can gather relevant, rich performance data that uncovers insights and drive informed decision-making, from the trainer’s room to the pitch. See the new batch of portal modules and features Sportlight has developed recently:

Team Tab: Using a league-wide data set collected by Sportlight’s performance-tracking system, EPL clubs now have the ability to view key KPI team totals and gauge how they rank against their direct opposition.

Squad Tab: Quickly compare various performance measurements across individual players on the same EPL squad.

Sportlight Match Report (MPO): A club’s MPO score provides a succinct, contextualized summary of an individual player’s physical outputs during a match. Teams receive automated reports after matches that include player average positions, which can be disseminated via email distribution list.

Peak Analysis: Clubs receive individualized match data and team peak demands, which offer deeper insights into the most demanding match events across multiple epoch lengths.

Timestamps: Identify key events to allow integration with internal video analysis tools and add context to intense physical output. Teams now get more detail about peak-demand player performance to illuminate their analysis.

Advanced Insights: EPL clubs benefit from highly accurate force-velocity profiling (FVP) derived from match play, supporting organizational strength and conditioning provision and injury prevention.

Installed Rehab System: This new feature supports the application of novel, cutting-edge Sportlight data within a club’s rehabilitation programming.

Professional sports organizations have long held their proprietary data close to the vest, wary of giving away information that might close the competitive gap between them and their opponents. But with the advance and democratization of technology, an increasing number of organizations find themselves identifying and using similar methods and equipment. In the English Premier League, the recognition of LiDAR as a highly accurate performance-tracking system has led to a near-unanimous embrace of Sportlight.

This might seem to level the playing field in the EPL, so to speak, by neutralizing an important technological advantage any single club might have gained by turning to LiDAR. In actuality, the proliferation of the advanced tracking system within the league simply shifts organizational priorities to hiring the best analysts, stategists and trainers. At the same time, access to league-wide data (as well as new Sportlight modules and features) helps each organization optimize player performance and health, promoting a higher-quality product and a rising tide that lifts all boats.

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